Money Laundering

If you have been accused of laundering money that was obtained through illegal activities or as the proceeds of crimes in Colorado, you need to call experienced money laundering attorney Dana Casper so she can provide you with the best money laundering legal defense possible.

Money laundering is a serious crime. Indeed, money laundering is often charged as a federal offense, meaning that you can face some incredibly serious consequences. The punishments you can receive if convicted of money laundering can consist of a lengthy prison sentence and the seizure of all of your assets by the government, including your home(s) car(s), boat(s), plane(s), and anything in your bank or brokerage accounts. Do not let yourself suffer the full brunt of these legal consequences simply because you lacked a top quality legal defense like the kind provided by experienced money laundering lawyer Dana Casper.

Money laundering almost always occurs alongside other illegal activities or crimes, including gambling, drug trafficking, wire fraud, mail fraud, white collar crime, etc. Therefore, money laundering cases can be incredibly complex and require a talented and intelligent money laundering attorney to make sense of all the charges and create the best legal defense possible.

To be charged with money laundering, the government does not have to prove that you participated in the illegal activities or crimes from which the money was obtained. The government does not have to prove that you even knew about exactly where the ill-begotten funds came from.

If you have been accused of or charged with money laundering in Colorado, you need to contact money laundering lawyer Dana Casper immediately at 303 – 333 – 2276 so she can provide you with the best defense possible.