Juvenile Law

If your child is a minor and has been accused of or charged with a crime in Colorado, such as drug crimes, theft, alcohol possession or impairment, drunk driving, sex offenses, violent offenses, weapons charges, auto theft, runaway, or any other such crimes, you need to contact juvenile law attorney Dana Casper so she can help you navigate this complicated legal process.

Although the substance of criminal law remains the same regardless of the age of the accused, the procedures and sentencing laws are very different. It is important that you have an experienced juvenile law lawyer like Dana Casper who understands these differences and can ensure the most positive outcome for your loved ones. The consequences of a mistake in juvenile law can have a long-lasting negative impact on your child, so it is vital you hire highly-qualified juvenile law attorney Dana Casper to help you through this difficult period.

Did you know that children cannot be forced to testify against themselves?

Did you know that bail works differently for juvenile and adult crimes?

Did you know that in some cases you do NOT have a right to trial by jury in juvenile court?

These questions and more are reasons why you need to hire a professional and experienced juvenile crime lawyer if your child has been accused of a crime in Colorado. Do not let your child suffer unduly due to a poor legal defense. Juvenile law attorney Dana Casper will provide your child with the highly-qualified legal defense he or she deserves. Call juvenile law lawyer Dana Casper today at 303 – 333 – 2276 to schedule you consultation.