Drug Crimes

If you have been accused of or charged with drug possession in Colorado, drug distribution, or any related drug crime, you need the highly-qualified drug crime lawyer Dana Casper to help you with your case and give you the best legal defense in Colorado.

Colorado has been in the news recently for its recent legalization of marijuana. Regardless of your personal views about marijuana legalization it is absolutely vital that you are aware of the law and its impact on you. Contrary to popular belief, the law has not changed as much as many people think, even in places like Denver, and especially when it comes to the rules and policies of private organizations. Don’t allow yourself to be charged with a drug crime simply because you misunderstood Colorado law!

Furthermore, while marijuana has been legalized in the state of Colorado, there are still many drugs that remain illegal, including cocaine and heroin, and the abuse of prescription drugs like Vicodin and Oxycodone are a serious crime. These drugs, also referred to as “controlled substances”, are organized into schedules, the degree of which will have a serious impact on the legal consequences you might be facing. Drug charges can also vary in terms of seriousness, from simple possession charges to drug trafficking and drug distribution charges which can earn you an investigation and prosecution from federal agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Generally, the three factors which determine the seriousness of a drug crime are the quantity of illicit substances, the schedule of the substances, and the reason why you possess the substances. It is vital that you have an experienced drug crimes lawyer like Dana Casper in your corner so that you can avoid the worst penalties Colorado can issue, including a jail or prison sentence, stiff fines, long terms of probation, community service, and mandatory drug treatment programs and drug testing.

Even if this is your first brush with Colorado law, the consequences of a drug charge can be serious and long-lasting. That’s why you need to contact experienced drug crime lawyer Dana Casper to ensure that you don’t suffer the most serious punishment for your mistake. Call experienced drug crime lawyer Dana Casper today at 303 – 333 – 2276 so she can help you through this difficult time.