November 25

Proposed Juvenile Law Reforms: Do Youth Offenders Really Need Attorneys?

When Colorado state lawmakers convene in January of next year, one piece of legislation slated for debate has created somewhat of a stir amongst the criminal justice community.  The bill, titled “Defense Counsel for Juvenile Offenders” would require, among other things, that youth offenders be required to have legal counsel at detention hearings. Proponents of.

November 20

Lawyers for Aurora Shooter Try Again to Avoid Death Penalty

The lawyers representing James Holmes, the man accused of opening fire on a Colorado movie theater and killing 12 theatergoers, are continuing their efforts to have the state’s death penalty law ruled unconstitutional. According to court documents released in September, Holmes’ public defenders challenged the state’s death penalty law on the grounds that lawmakers had.

November 13

Contradictions and Public Perception of Colorado Marijuana Legalization

In 2012, Colorado became one of two states to legalize the recreational use of small portions of marijuana for Colorado residents over the age of 21. The images on Election Day in 2012 were those of celebration – silencing those critics who were confident the measure would be defeated by Colorado taxpayers (including Governor John.